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You are Beautiful, you might not see it but I DO!

Happy Birthday today - April 5th to Tammie! Hope it’s A Big Celebrations today!

The blue ice is winter in Maine, in fact today is April 5th and the ponds and lakes are still frozen. The temperature at night are still well below freezing and the daytime temperatures are windy with temperature 25 to 30 still cold, cold, cold. But my passion is still creating artistic ice cards indoors and for me this has become a science project. Still having ice fun, so don’t visit Maine in April but do visit Maine in July, August or September it is beautiful state with so many lakes and ponds!

This is my Botanical Frozen Collection of white ice floral cards. 
ORDER:  A single 5×7 card w/white envelope: $4.25 or
A box of 6 cards w/white envelopes:  $18.00
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DMarie Photography & Digital Art Design Cards by Dawna-Marie Leavitt


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