Sibyl BookMarks Collection


SIBYL Bookmarks Collection ~Wolf~ ~Tree~ ~Sunset~ ~Crow~

“Sibyl a fortune teller, a prophetess.” The sibyls, women of ancient Greece and Rome, where mouthpieces of the ancient oracles and seers into the future.

Next time you buy a book buy yourself a beautiful bookmark!

BOOKMARK TITLES: GET LOST IN THE BOOK! ~ Each time you open a book and read it, a tree smiles knowing there’s life after death. Author unknown ~ Dream more READ! ~ The Earth Does Not Belong To Us. We Belong To The Earth. Chief Seattle

This is Sibyl Bookmarks Collection. 
 Package of 4: $11.95 \ +5.5% Sales Tax \ FREE shipping in the US! BOOKMARK INFO: size: 6X2, clear plastic sleeve, color is white, back is blank, beads and tassels will vary in color and size. BUY Sibyl Collection of 4 bookmarks in a package. All bookmarks are printed and ready to GO, more bookmarks are available upon request.

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DMarie Photography & Digital Art Design Cards & Bookmarks by Dawna-Marie Leavitt

Thank you

Thank you for your Service!

Thank you
Photography & Digital Art Design Cards

Outside Card Text: Thank you for your Service!
Inside Card Text: For every moment of freedom we enjoy, we have someone in uniform to thank. We Salute you Today!

This is my Special Occasion Collection of Red, White and Blue cards. 
ORDER:  A single card w/white envelope: $3.75 or
A box of 8 cards w/white envelopes:  $8.95
FREE shipping US!

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DMarie Photography & Digital Art Design Cards by Dawna-Marie Leavitt

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