Just saying Hello!

Photography & Digital Art Design Cards

Card Text (outside):
Just saying Hello!

Card Text (inside):
How are you?


A Greeting Card to say Hello! How are you?  I thought I would start to share with you weekly some of my favorite Botanical Frozen Collections.   I am totally fascinated by the way that ice freezes and distorted objects caught in it so I have started to experiment taking photos of flowers in ice.  Thank you to Photographer Mo Devlin on teaching me this unique technique, I love it!

This is my Botanical Frozen Collection of white ice floral cards. 
ORDER:  A single card w/white envelope: $3.75 or
A box of 8 cards w/white envelopes:  $8.95
FREE shipping US!

Contact Me to Order:  https://dmariecardsart.wordpress.com/contact/
DMarie Photography & Digital Art Design Cards by Dawna-Marie Leavitt

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