DMarie Greeting Card
Card Text (inside) Live, Love & Sparkle

April Winter in Maine. When I look outside my windows I see 15 inches of white snow and white frozen ponds, lakes. OMG! the winter season will NOT end here in the frozen north.  I cannot figure it out am I living in Winthrop or WinterFell.  I am still so cold and sleeping with my LL Bean down blanket because temps are staying below 32 it is sooooo cold at night.  Winterfell has NO outside flowers blooming and NO birds singing.  So I had to ask the Winterfell Season Queen "what is happening?”  and she told me “the earth is warming so Spring will never come to Winterfell, ME only summer and .....
"So I am sending you some Warm Hugs today!"

This is my Botanical Frozen Collection of white ice floral cards.
ORDER: A single 5×7 card w/white envelope: $4.25 or
A box of 6 cards w/white envelopes: $18.00

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DMarie Photography & Digital Art Design Cards by Dawna-Marie Leavitt
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