Sibyl BookMarks Collection


SIBYL Bookmarks Collection ~Wolf~ ~Tree~ ~Sunset~ ~Crow~

“Sibyl a fortune teller, a prophetess.” The sibyls, women of ancient Greece and Rome, where mouthpieces of the ancient oracles and seers into the future.

Next time you buy a book buy yourself a beautiful bookmark!

BOOKMARK TITLES: GET LOST IN THE BOOK! ~ Each time you open a book and read it, a tree smiles knowing there’s life after death. Author unknown ~ Dream more READ! ~ The Earth Does Not Belong To Us. We Belong To The Earth. Chief Seattle

This is Sibyl Bookmarks Collection. 
 Package of 4: $11.95 \ +5.5% Sales Tax \ FREE shipping in the US! BOOKMARK INFO: size: 6X2, clear plastic sleeve, color is white, back is blank, beads and tassels will vary in color and size. BUY Sibyl Collection of 4 bookmarks in a package. All bookmarks are printed and ready to GO, more bookmarks are available upon request.

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DMarie Photography & Digital Art Design Cards & Bookmarks by Dawna-Marie Leavitt

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